At its 19th Ordinary Session of the policy organs of the Union that was held in Addis Ababa, in July 2012, the African Solidarity Initiative (ASI) was launched as an AU-led process for mobilizing support from within the continent for countries emerging from conflict, in line with the AU Policy on Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development (PCRD) adopted in 2006. A Decision - Assembly/AU/Dec.425 (XIX) - on the African Solidarity Initiative, was adopted, requesting the Commission, in close collaboration with the countries concerned and all other Member States, Regional Economic Communities, and other relevant African institutions, to roll-out a full implementation plan, and to mobilize in-kind, capacity building, as well as financial contributions, to support post-conflict reconstruction activities and efforts in the African countries concerned.


  • - To deepen the essence of African solidarity and promote a paradigm shift which center-stages African mutual assistance as a key dimension for enhanced and effective development of the continent;
  • - To encourage, motivate, and empower African countries to offer support to countries emerging from conflict and to other Member States in need as the process expands;
  • - To provide a unique opportunity for generating additional “out of the box” ideas for addressing PCRD challenges, by actively involving African countries, relevant organizations/institutions, parastatal, private sector, philanthropy organizations/foundations, academia, civil society, faith-based organisations, African experts, and the Diaspora;To promote intra-African solutions to the complex challenges of post-conflict reconstruction and other compelling issues; and
  • - To contribute towards a renewed sense of urgency in consolidating peace where it has been achieved and preventing further relapse into conflict.

Appeal for Support

In view of the convening of the first African Solidarity Conference to mobilize further financial and in-kind contributions for the beneficiary countries scheduled for 1 February 2014, the Commission invites All African countries, the regional economic communities, the private sector and all those doing business in Africa, key African organizations/institutions, the academia, African celebrities, the African Diaspora, civil society organisations and non-governmental organizations, women and youth organizations/networks, African philanthropists, expert and professional organizations, traditional partners, as well as south-south friends support this Initiative.

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