Nairobi, 27 August 2018. The Military Operations Coordination Committee (MOCC) for the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) held its 26th Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya on 27 August 2018. The Chiefs of Defense Forces/Staff (CDF/S) or designated representatives of AMSIOM Troop/Police Contributing Countries (Burundi, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda) attended the meeting. The Somalia National Security Advisor (NSA) and the CDF attended the MOCC. The Head of UNSOS attended the meeting as well as representatives from partner organizations and countries (European Union, United Kingdom and United States of America).

The meeting was chaired by the AU Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Smail Chergui, in light of the 25th MOCC meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the AU-UN Joint Review conducted in May 2018, the UNSCR 2431 (30 July 2018), the ongoing Operational Readiness Assessment (ORA) of AMISOM to be completed by 15 September 2018 and the upcoming Review of the AMISOM CONOPS scheduled for October 2018.

Participants received briefings from the AMISOM Special Representative, the Force Commander (FC) and the Ag. Police Commissioner (PC). The SRCC made a presentation on the political and security situation while the FC and Ag. PC presented the progress made on the implementation of the Somalia Transition plan (STP) including the 3 Pilot projects in terms of force generation as well as allocated resources. The ongoing AMISOM Operational Readiness Assessment (ORA) was also presented. AMISOM further briefed the meeting on possible options for the reconfiguration of AMISOM in view of the Feb 2019 drawdown, the re-sectorisation of AMISOM Area of Responsibility (AOR) as well as AMISOM’s role in mentoring of the SNA. The Somalia NSA briefed on the progress made by FGS including the inclusive politics in Somalia, the reconciliation efforts and the constitutional review process. The CDF of Somalia briefed the meeting on the steps taken by FGS to implement the Pilot Phase 1 of the STP. As part of the joint planning, the meeting instructed AMISOM to work closely with the FGS to ensure that SNA troops generated for phase 1 operations are assembled and their operational readiness assessed.

Noting the progress made by AMISOM in Somalia and the steps taken by the SNSF, the MOCC emphasized that the transfer of security responsibility from AMISOM to SNSF is dependent on enhancing SNSF capacity. Additionally, the MOCC noted the progress made by the Joint Somalia-AU Taskforce in the enhancement of AU’s political and technical support to Somalia and to ensure a proper handover process. The meeting called for greater attention to the political risks of the transition and called for collective effort to bring coherence to partner support to the transition. For effective implementation of the UNSCR 2431, the MOCC observed the need for enhanced capacities and capabilities for AMISOM and SNSF to allow effective joint operations in support of the Transition plan.

On the ongoing ORA, the Meeting noted the progress made and urged for synergy and coordination between all stakeholders. The meeting further urged consultation with TCCs/PCCs and looks forward to the final report to be submitted to the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) for consideration.

On training the SNSF, the meeting noted the progress made by the AMISOM police component in support of the SNP. In this regard, the MOCC urged SNA to identify its training requirements and submit to AU which will coordinate with TCCs and other stakeholders for consideration. The Meeting further noted that the combat mentoring of SNA requires additional capacities and capabilities to enhance the combat readiness of the SNA troops in a coordinated and coherent manner. 

On the AMISOM drawdown of 1000 troops by 28 February 2019, the meeting considered the modalities and implications of the drawdown pending the outcome of the ORA. In the meantime, the meeting urged AMISOM to have quick wins in support of the STP and to study the implications of the drawdown in terms of reconfiguration of the forces, the collapsing/reduction of the number of Forward Operating Bases (FOBs), handover of FOBs to SNA and related issues.


On the reconfiguration of AMISOM, the Meeting affirmed the need for establishment of an AMISOM Mobile Force under the command and control of the FC with increased military ground and air capabilities. The meeting further noted that the AMISOM civilian component is being enhanced to deploy in strategic locations of AMISOM’s Area of Responsibility and to focus its effort in support of the political and stabilization process in Somalia, the Somalia Transition Plan, in coordination with the Federal Government of Somalia, Federal Member States and other stakeholders.  

On the Re sectorisation of AMISOM AOR, the MOCC agreed to maintain the current sector boundaries and urged AU and TCCs to continue the consultations which outcome will be reflected in the review of the CONOPS. In the meantime, the meeting urged AU in coordination with TCCs and other AU member states to generate qualified and experienced staff officers for the establishment of multinational Sector Headquarters.   

Finally, the MOCC encouraged the AU in coordination with the TCCs/PCCs and other stakeholders to start the CONPOS review process immediately to be completed by 31 October 2018.


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